Greta Brentano

In the mood for an adventure?

Let yourself be kissed by a muse!
We will seduce you to art and culture and initiate
you into the scintillating Berlin Nightlife.

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Greta Brentano® is worldwide the first and only escort service of this class. Not an escort service with half heartedly engaged call girls, but an independently organized cooperative of highly educated and confident women who practice their job on the side as an escort service – or better a cultural companion - with pride, love and devotion.

We understand ourselves as a kind of luxury VIP escort and our special concept is meant to engage only men and women who are sophisticated and unprejudiced.
Our muses will join you in Germany in Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Munich and in Europe in London, Prague, Paris, Vienna, Geneva, Zurich, Rome, Brussels, Amsterdam, Madrid and Rome.

Our escort service is especially suited for Berlin and Hamburg, cities with a lively cultural scene, which are home to many of our muses and that we love to share with our guests. With us, your understanding of ‘escort’ will reach an entirely new, exciting and seductive level of meaning.

Greta Brentano® is a registered and protected brand that stands for a truly unique escort service.

What is a brand? A name you expect more from than of others.

A name that you have more trust in. Therefore a brand needs to fulfill a desire that has yet to be met and that brand has to fulfill that desire with absolute consistency.
The brand stands for a cultural position, a life style and self-esteem.