Greta Brentano

A Muse Tonight

Smart women are kissing better!
The best of Berlin nightlife? Insomnia!

Berlin as a kiss...

A city of the world like Berlin you will, dear guest, only truly experience in its full glamour when you immerse yourself in the nightlife.

World famous is the Berlin nightlife for its exciting clubs and cabarets as well as its many creative restaurants.
So well, off to an amusing adventure! In fact together, along side a beautiful woman!

And if your escort, aside from ‘joie de vivre’ and an upbeat mood, brings along so much esprit to inspire and seduce a man of the world, then she is a veritable muse – your muse from Greta Brentano.

You see, we are not talking about the common escort: your muse is smart and educated. She studied, graduated or is a practicing artist. She speaks English and German fluently - some of them are also well versed in French, Italian and Spanish.

The term VIP- escort truly means that a muse is at ease in the company of prominent personalities. Here you can take high-class-escort for its true meaning because your muse comes from the finest family. And you may rightfully speak of luxury-escort, should you agree that luxury is a form of artfully practiced life style.

Are you an artist of life?
Then heed all artists’ advice: let yourself be kissed by your muse!

A heartfelt kiss from a muse
Greta Brentano