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Questions - VIP Escort Greta Brentano®


Everything you should know
before you arrange a date with a muse.
Just erotic. Nothing kinky. It's the difference between using a feather and using a chicken. Terry Pratchett


You are kindly asked to fill in the form at our website.
Or, you call our booking at +49 171 210 307 2
You might also write an Email to our booking:
Requests via SMS or anonymous calls will not be answered.
The muse of your choice
Your name
Your Hotel
Date & Time
Your cell phone number
If you like: a brief description of yourself
At least 24 hours in advance! The muse is blocking the day for you.
We recommend allowing yourself some time at the beginning of the date to get an understanding whether you both like each other. The first half hour is dedicated to this effort. As soon as both of you have arrived at a mutual understanding, take the opportunity to discreetly hand your muse the envelope with her honorarium. In any case and separately from the honorarium for the time of the booking, the muse is owed 60 Euro for a taxi cab.
Should you decide to spend the evening together, you most likely will proceed with a pleasurable dinner. Allow your muse to inspire you, instead of making plans. Most likely things will develop differently – better!
The lobby of your hotel or an elegant bar. the foyer of a theater or one of the best restaurants in town... any place where the pleasant and luxurious atmosphere allows this encounter to appear as serendipitous.
And that offers the utmost amount of freedom to both parties.

Matters of style

At Greta Bentano a muse decides herself who she wants to meet with. Therefore it is indispensable that you share a few words about yourself with her. Of course we would love to find out a little bit about your appearance but what we are really interested in is learning something about you:
What book are you reading right now? What music are you listening to and what do you like about your profession?
Share a little glimpse into your world with us and make us curious about yourself!
There are callgirls. There are escorts. And there are the muses of Greta Brentano. They know about the difference between sex and eroticism and how to create an atmosphere that speeds up your heartbeat. All you need is a woman not only of warmth and empathy, but also self-reflected, sensual ans sophisticated. All you need is a muse...

Financial matters

The minimum booking period is four hours and will cost 1200.- Euro.
Extensions are possible in one hour increments – the honorarium for each additional hour is Euro 300.-
If you are interested in inviting a muse to accompany you for longer periods of time, we are happy to come up with an individual offer.
Ideally in an unsealed envelope or tucked into the pages of a book at the point of a mutual agreement to spend the evening together. However no later than the first half hour.
Each party may cancel the date at any point. For each started hour you will be charged 300.- Euro as well as an additional Euro 50.- for the taxi cab.

Discretion and data security

If you are not comfortable to share your real name with your muse it is not a problem at all. She will happily call you Stephen - or however you prefer to be addressed...
But in your initial booking you must book under your full name and with your working telephone number! Otherwise we are assuming that your interest is not legitimate.
Discretion is our first and foremost rule! A muse will appear in your life by invitation only. Afterwards she will disappear without a trace – and exist only as a lovely memory...
We take great care in erasing all personal data on a quarterly basis! Except if you give us explicit permission to store your information as our VIP-guest in a coded file on our own and protected server. As secure as possible!

Any other questions?

A muse is a great connoisseur of Berlin nightlife. Let her be your guide! But be aware of many longing strangers reaching for your beautiful companion...
It would be our utmost pleasure! A few among us love a threesome.(ménage a trois)
Most of the muses love women as well as men! Or even more...